Listing of Our Officers


Other Positions of Responsibilities

Line Officers


Chief - Fred Hutson

Assistant Chief , Medical Officer - John Fidazzo

Captain - Donnie Jake Greene

1st Lieutenant - Mike Gadani

2nd Lieutenant - Ed Miller



Other Fire Dept. Officers

Training Officer -  Fred Hutson

Equipment Officer - Mike Gadani

Fire Prevention Officer -


Executive Officers


President - Charlie Litman

Vice President - Norm Nadalin

Secretary - Mark Knestrick

Treasurer - Mark Knestrick


Board of Directors

Richard Cox

John Fidazzo

Dave Talpas

Bruce Graham

Brian Geho


Bingo Committee

Director of Bingo Operations -

Supervisor in Charge of Week to Week Operations -

Supervisor in Charge of Supplies & Advertising -


Social Hall Rental

Julie Marth

Social Hall Manager in Charge of Rental & Maintenance